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A New Chapter for Pharmacists Connect

Dear Community Members

In 2018, we embarked on a journey with Pharmacists Connect and The Pharmacists Slack, carving out a space where professionals could unite, share, and grow. Together, we’ve weathered the storm of a global pandemic and seen our members step into new roles as changemakers within the pharmacy world.

In recent times, our conversations have quieted, and the ebb and flow of engagement have naturally diminished. This platform has seen minimal activity, which speaks to the lifecycle of many vibrant communities—they shine brightly, serve their purpose, and evolve. While our spaces have largely operated without recent active oversight, they remain a testament to the moments when they were greatly needed.

As we look to the future, I recognize that while the season for these platforms in their original form may have passed, the spirit of connection and innovation endures. For those who are drawn to the idea of rekindling the collaborative spark of Pharmacists Connect, I welcome your energy and ideas. This space has always been, and can again be, driven by the passion and volunteer efforts of its members.

My commitment now turns towards the expansive community at Women’s Personal Finance, where my efforts to foster engagement and growth continue. Though my role in Pharmacists Connect may have shifted, my belief in the power of community has not.

If you feel the call to lead, to engage, or to simply connect one-on-one, reach out through The potential for a reimagined community is in your hands, and I eagerly anticipate seeing how these seeds of change may blossom anew.

With warmth and gratitude for what has been, and with hopeful anticipation for what may yet be,

Regina Moore, PharmD

Join over 900 other pharmacists and pharmacy students in many unique niches and settings

What Pharmacists Are Saying

Richard Waithe

“This space is awesome to connect with other people in pharmacy. Reminds me of the old AOL chat rooms, except this one is professional and productive.”

Richard Waithe, PharmD


David Vu

“The Pharmacist’s Slack – where LinkedIn Meets Facebook Messenger for pharmacists. Innovation is a collaborative effort. This communication channel creates an open dialogue with a dynamic exchange of ideas and a continuous opportunity to network with a diverse group of pharmacists. The Pharmacist’s Slack promotes innovation within healthcare and to, ultimately, better patients’ lives. I can only imagine no less than success in the outputs that are produced as a result from this space.”

David Vu, PharmD, CAHIMS


Megan Freeland

As a non-traditional RPh, I’m excited that there’s a place for EVERY type of pharmacist in The Pharmacist’s Slack community. Building relationships amongst peers with various skillsets is the best way to connect and stay in control of our profession into the future.

Megan N. Freeland, PharmD


Why Join?

The Pharmacist’s Slack Community currently boasts over 900 members and the network of pharmacists and students from around the world is over 1500 strong.

Verified Users Only

Leave Facebook to friends and family and have a space where you can open up and be yourself without the personal censorship of LinkedIn. There’s something about a place where you can be yourself with members of your profession who understand your unique goals and struggles. There’s something about it that, as one member put it, gives the group a special “secret sauce.”

The original Pharmacist’s Slack group is only for verified users. License or credentials are personally verified for each member of the space.

Currently free to members in the USA. Beginning in early 2021, international members may begin joining for a fee after reference checks!





Popular Channels

The most popular channels on The Pharmacist’s Slack are #Informatics, #Personal Finance and the #Career Center.

Pharmacists Connect members are a diverse group many of whom are leaders in their fields or active in non traditional pharmacists roles.

Check out the group to see what interest areas you want to connect further with, be it data science, digital health, integrative medicine, managed care, oncology, or psychedelics & cannabis. There’s fun and support to be had too! Channels for hobbies and news, publishing and entrepreneurs.

Be you a student or a pharmacist, it’s great to have peers to ask questions of at various points in their careers, and likewise, provide mentorship to others on their professional journeys!

Job Board

The Career Center channel gets a lot of traffic from pharmacists sharing job positions. Sometimes it’s insider info, sometimes it’s interesting positions from around the web. It’s also a great place to see other pharmacists sharing positions that you might not think of as a role for pharmacists. If you need a little inspiration for how to expand your career search and gain more fulfillment, we can help with that.

Pharmacists have changed roles, gained new positions and made professional relationships instrumental to their career success through their interactions in the group. If your network is your net worth when it comes to careers, this is the place to be.

Publishing Opportunities

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your story or expertise and you don’t have your own blog? Pharmacists Connect is pleased to offer publishing opportunities on the Pharmacists Connect blog to it’s members!

With so much of our professional lives being conducted online, especially if you are looking into non traditional roles, the power of establishing an online portfolio of writing cannot be overlooked. This is a great opportunity, especially for pharmacy students.

Looking Ahead

Pharmacists Connect members have asked for more live networking opportunities. This is a top priority for 2021 and we hope to establish once monthly (or more) networking sessions be they coffee chats, niche topics discussions, or ask the expert sessions. Looking to offer a session? Please reach out!

We’re also planning some expanded options for members outside of the USA with our first paid membership tiers. International members, continue to join the INTL Slack on the signup below

Be you a student or a pharmacist, it’s great to have peers to ask questions of at various points in their careers, and likewise, provide mentorship to others on their professional journeys!

Why I started Pharmacists Connect

In an ever connected world, how are you finding and building the communities that best serve you? To ensure success for us all, we’ve got to keep our conversations going.

I started Pharmacists Connect in 2018. There wasn’t a website, it was just the original Pharmacist’s Slack group. I was (kind of) between jobs, feeling disconnected from my profession and just not that happy about where I was at in my profession.

I wanted a place to meet new and interesting pharmacists across the country, and world. I wanted to feel like I was doing something for my profession and I wanted to be inspired.

Thanks to the wonderful group of pharmacists and students that have joined Pharmacists Connect and The Pharmacist’s Slack, all that has happened for me and more. My network feels stronger than ever and I have passion for the profession of pharmacy again.

I hope you can find similar community and support to be the best pharmacist you can be by joining Pharmacists Connect!

Regina Moore, PharmD

Founder and Operator of Pharmacists Connect

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