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Educational Services

Pyrls – Founder Derek Borkowski, PharmD

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Pyrls is for students and pharmacists to learn and manage the most practical drug information from an elegantly designed website and mobile app. Review over 250+ top drugs summaries, counseling points and clinical pearls.Bonus: every line drug information was written by and every line of code was programmed by pharmacists.

From Pharmacy to Technology: Making the Career Switch – Course by Mario Hoyos, PharmD and Senior Software Engineer

Mario graduated pharmacy school in 2017, and went to work at CVS. Between being miserable in retail, and seeing the market saturation, he decided to make a career switch. Three years later he is working as a Senior Software Engineer, and loves to help other pharmacists interested in technology to make the switch. Check out his course here!

KelleyCPharmD – Kelley D. Carlstrom, PharmD, BCOP

Do you dream of using all aspects of your education to impact patients in a more meaningful way? Are you concerned about job security in our profession? Oncology is the best specialty for pharmacists because there are so many opportunities due to rapid change (we have the most clinical trials, the most drug approvals, and the most complex drugs!). Demand for oncology pharmacists is expected to continue to grow as the number of cancer survivors grows.

The learning curve in oncology is steep but it absolutely can be climbed and Kelley can guide you on that journey! She is an experienced oncology pharmacist that believes everyone deserves access to specialty training that can transform their career.

Kelley is passionate about helping you build the oncology foundation you need to be successful. She does this through her Enjoy Learning Oncology (ELO) programs – learn more about them here!


That Frugal Pharmacist – Anonymous Member

A varied blog focusing on “Finance, Family and Health” with a primary focus on money matters and frugality in addition to work life balance.

Think Digital Health – Christy Cheung, PharmD

Think Digital Health, is a blog exploring digital innovation in the context of healthcare. Christy is a pharmacist working in industry and the intersection between healthcare and technology is something she is passionate about. From reading articles online to connecting with individuals rooted in the field, she felt that this blog was the best way for her to consolidate, reinforce, and share her learning.

Financial Services

Recommended Financial Tools with Personal Capital

View all your accounts in one place with tools for net worth tracking, retirement planning and basic monthly cash flow budgeting. Click here to check it out.

Personal Budgeting Software via YNAB (You Need a Budget)

YNAB offers a 34 day free trial of their software. Whether you are a pharmacy student trying to keep your budget in order and set yourself up for financial success as a pharmacist, or a pharmacist working to make the most of your salary, YNAB can help. It’s an extremely popular all around budgeting tool for many reasons. Check it out free for 34 days,

Investments Made Simple – Thomas Latuga, PharmD, BCPS

Confused about retirement account options? What is the best way to tackle debt? DO you know what you’re paying in fees? Eliminate the stress of investing so you can focus on being a pharmacist! Connect with me to discuss your situation.


Graphic Design and Infographic Tools

Canva is one of the most widely used, easiest to learn tools for producing graphics, posters, blog media, pinterest graphics, and infographics. You don’t need any background to jump in and learn. There is a free version to get started and a paid version with tons of options! We use Canva for all the blog images on this site. Click here to checkout Canva for free.

Canva now offers 5 users access to one account via the teammates feature on Canva Pro!


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Professional Services

Pharmapreneur AcademyBlair Thielemier

The Pharmapreneur Academy equips pharmacists with the necessary tools to own their own pharmacy consulting business.


  • Daily business coaching support from course creator, Blair Thielemier, through the Academy forums.
  • Weekly recap emails so you can stay focused on your goals.
  • Monthly access to the community’s live member Q&A conference calls Join now for access to our 12-lesson, groundbreaking online course.

BONUS! Complimentary access to all Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit interviews

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