4 Binge-Worthy Pharmacy Podcasts You Might Not Know about But Should

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If you’re looking to diversify your podcast streams with pharmacist relevant content, she’s got you covered.

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4 Binge-Worthy Pharmacy Podcasts You Might Not Know about But Should

With over 30 million episodes traversing the airways as of April 2020, podcasters just might be the “cool kids” of content creators. 

The uptick in podcast prevalence and listenership hasn’t been lost on the field of pharmacy either. Our profession boasts plenty of shows and even an entire pharmacy podcast network. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find diverse voices represented within the pharmacy podcasting space. Statistically, if you’re on the hunt for pharmacy-related shows, you aren’t as likely to find those hosted by underrepresented groups.

In this article, I’ll highlight voices of color that you may not have heard before within the podcasting space. Specifically, you’ll get to know four podcasts hosted by Black women pharmacists (plus a women pharmacist magazine I think you’ll find quite interesting). 

  1. Brown Skin Stories: Representing Women Pharmacists with Dr. Ijeoma Ekeocha

While the Brown Skin Stories podcast shares accounts from the perspectives of Black women pharmacists, their experiences provide value for pharmacists everywhere—especially those who are soon-to-be or recent graduates or who are contemplating a career change.

You’ll hear from pharmacists who transitioned into entrepreneurship, created clinical positions for themselves at their employing institutions, moved up the leadership ranks, and hopped from one practice area to another.

When asked why she created the platform, Dr. Ekeocha had this to say:

Creating a platform to highlight Black Women Pharmacists and the work they do was personal to me. Studies have shown that Black women face more barriers to advancement, tend to be less happy at work than our white peers and receive less support from our managers. I was not exempt. 

I created a platform so I could learn from the Black Women Pharmacists that are thriving and leading in our profession, knowing fully well their journeys would not be without hurdles, including racial and gender biases. I think it’s important to represent the stories of these women so we can share vital information and experiences with other Black women pharmacists and students so they know we’ve been there, here’s how we handled it, and here’s how you can approach it and come out on top. 

Although the road may get a little rocky, you will get to where you want to be, and we’ve got a blueprint. This is the information I wish I had at the very beginning of my career. Brown Skin Stories: Representing Women Pharmacists, is a safe space where Black women can be honest about their experiences in our profession (the good and bad), because we get it, we’ve been there too.

Listen to an episode from the Brown Skin Stories podcast: How This PharmaPreneur Began Her Journey in Healthcare Copywriting and Content Marketing

  1. RxRounds with Dr. Alandra Mitchell

If you have an interest in health education outside the US, RxRounds is a podcast you might enjoy. Dr. Mitchell is the host of this podcast and brings on guests to discuss health and wellness from the perspective of the West Indian community.

Let’s hear about Dr. Mitchell’s inspiration for creating this show:

I was born and raised in Trinidad (a small island in the Caribbean), and like many other developing countries healthcare resources were quite sparse. I was determined to find a way to contribute in some way to the healthcare system in my home country. Once I completed my pharmacy residency, I returned home to find a way to do exactly that. 

In the process, I found that public health gained little focus as people only received disease state education after they were diagnosed. I also noticed that despite being identified as developing countries, the Caribbean islands were sophisticated in the way technology was being utilized. 

I started RxRounds in an effort to bring health and wellness information to the fingertips of my West Indian community. I utilize evidence-based medicine to debunk the myths that have been passed down from generations and promote opportunities for disease prevention.

Listen to an episode: Health Education in the Carribean 

  1. PharmD Unscripted with Dr. Bree and Dr. LaQuita J. 

Dr. Bree and Dr. LaQuita J. explore the landscape of non-traditional pharmacy practice in their podcast, PharmD Unscripted. At a time when we are hyper-aware of the narrowing pool of traditional pharmacy roles throughout much of the US, investigating nontraditional pharmacy opportunities is a must for many. Consider checking out PharmD Unscripted as a component of your exploratory process.

The two podcast hosts shared:

We started PharmD Unscripted because it was time to rip up the old prescription of what a career in pharmacy looked like. We want to inspire, encourage and guide pharmacists to take charge of their purpose, career, and happiness.

We highlight Black voices in pharmacy because our stories, experiences, and voices matter. We are groundbreakers and can help change and shape the field of pharmacy.

Listen to an episode: Pharmapreneur: Dr. Corine Ferebee

  1. The Public Health Pharmacist Podcast with Dr. Christina Madison

Dr. Christina Madison is the Founder and CEO of The Public Health Pharmacist and hosts a podcast by the same name. In it, she and her guests discuss timely public health topics in order to keep communities informed of what’s going on. Staying abreast of public health developments would likely be a great supplement to your continuing education efforts.

When asked what motivated her to create this podcast, Dr. Madison shared:

I created The Public Health Pharmacist platform to bring awareness to the importance of prioritizing pharmacists in public health and to spread knowledge about how public health policy creates better communities. As a professional woman of color it is imperative to give a familiar face to those who are impacted most by health disparities that affect black and brown communities—especially as it relates to sexual health, HIV, and now COVID-19.

Listen to an episode: HIV Care during COVID with Dr. Cassandra Esperant

  1. [BONUS] PharmaSis Magazine created by Dr. Jerrica Dodd

You may have seen pages of this brand new magazine for women pharmacists floating across your LinkedIn news feed. PharmaSis Magazine was created by Dr. Jerrica Dodd, a concierge pharmacist and CEO of Your Pharmacy Advocate. On its pages are women pharmacists from all backgrounds with profound stories and professional insights to share. 

Here’s Dr. Dodd on why she created the magazine:

The profession of pharmacy has and continues to change and is creating opportunities for pharmacists to adapt and build new niches for ourselves and for those we serve. I created PharmaSis Magazine as a platform to celebrate women pharmacists who have changed their lives by pivoting in their career or building a business. You would be amazed at what a woman pharmacist can create.
Learn more about PharmaSis Magazine.

Dr. Megan Freeland

Dr. Megan Freeland is a multipassionate pharmacist whose love for writing and public health have no bounds. After pursuing a winding path that ended in her dream career as a public health pharmacist and writer for the CDC, her path took an unexpected pivot.

Dr. Freeland realized she was missing out on the opportunity to add a dose of creativity into her health writing career. So she set out on her own to build StockRose Creative, LLC—a healthcare copywriting and content marketing company. Through StockRose, Dr. Freeland helps digital health companies and private practices develop and implement culturally-relevant content strategies that turn potential clients into raving fans. Learn more about Dr. Freeland and StockRose on LinkedIn .

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