Prescriptions for Success: Prioritizing Public Health

Centering Pharmacists as Public Health Experts and Capitalizing on Opportunities During the Pandemic

In this ongoing series, Prescriptions for Success, Alandra Mitchell highlights pharmacists of color who are leaders in our field. Today we’ll learn about Christina Madison ‘The Public Health Pharmacist’. Dr Madison is a wonderful example of someone who has used the struggles of the pandemic to take her business to new heights.

Meet Dr. Christina Madison, PharmD, FCCP, AAHIVP

If you don’t recognize this featured pharmacist by name, you may know her as ‘The Public Health Pharmacist.’

Dr. Madison is a former President of the Nevada Public Health Association with 13 years of Public Health experience and 16 years of professional pharmacy experience. This year alone, she was named 2020 Educator Healthcare Hero by Nevada Business Magazine, Pharmacy Times® “Pharmacy Hero” of the month (May 2020), and one of the Top 25 Healthcare Influencers by Las Vegas Entrepreneur Magazine. 

Now, I can use this entire post to discuss her accolades, but I guarantee that our dear friend Google would be more thorough. 

So, I’ll stick to the reason you are reading this post – her entrepreneurship journey.

Building a business that matters

The Public Health Pharmacist, PLLC, consulting business, was founded in November of 2019 as a response to the need for more public health awareness. Unlike other pharmacy consulting services, Dr. Madison provides public health messaging, policy, and legislative updates to national and international media outlets, businesses, and public health organizations. 

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic – the largest public health crises of our time – Dr. Madison uses various platforms to help individuals and businesses stay informed and prepare for the next hurdles. She provides expert public health and communicable disease commentary to major news outlets and has been featured in 50+ on-air TV appearances since the beginning of the pandemic.

“Start where you are, with what you have. Make something of it and never be satisfied.”

— George Washington Carver

Implementing a novel idea

Executing a novel idea comes with many challenges. When asked about the biggest obstacle faced while building her business, Dr Madison said“[Not having] access to a role model who I could mirror in order to be successful.” Although a coach or mentor would have been ideal, her success was achieved through a clear vision and a supportive community of female entrepreneurs.

To succeed in entrepreneurship, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” says Dr. Madison, “take the leap even if everything isn’t perfect.”

Dr. Madison believes that pharmacists are an untapped resource for delivering public health services. She hopes that highlighting the successes of these healthcare professionals can help alleviate healthcare disparities nationwide.

You should note that public health and pharmacy doesn’t have to look like Dr. Madison’s business. In fact, my next feature is a public health pharmacist who utilized her talent to re-write her career path.

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