Prescriptions for Success: From Treatment to Thriving

In my last Prescriptions for Success Post, Dr. Shaneka Baylor showed us how she built her businesses around her passion – but imagine having to change your career path for the sake of your health. 

Meet Dr. Corine Ferebee, PharmD

From Treatment to Thriving

When forced to choose between her life and her career as a pharmacist, Dr. Corine Ferebee chose BOTH. She established Trinity Wellness Rx Consulting in October 2018 and continues to live a healthy fulfilling lifestyle.

“It’s important for you to understand that your experience facing and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest adventures.” — Michelle Obama

Dr. Ferebee has been a pharmacist for the past 15 years. She spent the majority of this time holding leadership positions in retail pharmacy spaces. This all changed drastically when she was diagnosed with Lupus four years ago. 

Suddenly, the rigors of retail pharmacy – a career she loved – were unrealistic.

When life gives you lemons…

Such a diagnosis can lead some people into a depressive state, but NOT THIS PHARMACIST. Dr. Ferebee utilized her pharmacy background to amplify her health and wellness journey. She changed her nutrition, introduced consistent exercise, became a certified personal trainer, and opened her life to the infinite possibilities of entrepreneurship.

When asked about the impact of these changes Dr. Ferebee responded, “[my health journey] allowed me to reduce my medication intake from 14 pills a day to 2 pills daily.”

Making women a priority

Trinity Wellness Rx Consulting was created to help busy professional women prioritize their health. Why specifically women you may ask? Dr. Ferebee says, “Women, in general, don’t prioritize themselves… I saw it in myself because everything was about showing up and doing well… taking care of my family and before I knew it, there was no time for me.” 

She desires to show women that they deserve to make themselves a priority.

Nutrition and Exercise programming

As a consultant, Dr. Ferebee takes a special interest in women with chronic illnesses. She discusses the importance of creating a healthy relationship with food and utilizes her experience as a personal trainer to customize exercise plans for her clients. This service is 100% virtual and allows Dr. Ferebee to meet her clients at home where they can make meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Overcoming her own health challenges, Dr. Ferebee has made it her mission to encourage, educate, and empower women to improve their health. She believes that “Having overall great health is a choice that requires consistency and work.”  As a pharmacist and personal trainer, Dr. Ferebee is committed to providing the tools necessary to take women’s health journeys to the next level.

WOW! That’s resilience!

Keep reading, because representing for the male entrepreneurs is a pharmacist turned physician who maintains a small practice that allows him to pour everything he has into his patients.

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